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Born with Louisiana in his blood, DJ NOEL 2033 grew up a west coast kid with southern influences. With over 25 years experience DJ Noel 2033 has been killing shows, Celebrity parties, Large scale events and nightclubs over many places across the US. Although his major break came initially ago in the nightclub scene, NOEL 2033 has not limited himself to just that industry. NOEL 2033 has rocked numerous fortune 500 company corporate events, A List Celebrity parties, Electronic Festivals, and even for a number of Southern California Mega Churches. He began his career spinning all Vinyl sets for over 15 years in the club. He is currently focused on Electronic Music, (EDM), Dance, Trap/Hip Hop and dope Top 40 Remixes. NOEL 2033 is a talented DJ that also often plays alongside live musicians such as nationally known percussionist, drummers, saxophonists and trumpeters. In a world where everyone is trying to be a DJ, DJ NOEL 2033 has mastered how to make the crowd beg for more. No matter the demographic or your personal choice in music DJ NOEL 2033 keeps it pumpin’ with his energy that is so infectious it is almost impossible for you to leave his set feeling same.

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DJ NOEL 2033

As a teen "NOEL" was inspired by the spicy blends of his Creole roots to create musical gumbo. His dj sets have been described as "amazing and super dope". NOEL puts his live sets together like a good gumbo with just the right amount of each ingredient which separates exciting and memorable from bland and boring. Only through years of practice and patience can one learn to create that perfect blend which he alone has perfected. Many moons ago, Noel was called by other dj names: With the turn of the millennium, he decided to take the name B.Wild. The name was only appropriate as his passion for the party, adventurous spirit, and playboy lifestyle, were contagious both in his set and in his personal life. The wild, fast­paced lifestyle personified by the old B.Wild came to a change when he was divinely urged to change his name to NOEL!

The word Noel, whose latin root means literally "to birth" seemed quite appropriate in the creation of a new identity. Hence DJ Noel 2033 was born. A next generation DJ with the talent of cutting, scratchin, mixin’ and rockin crowds. Few fans are aware that DJ NOEL is actually Brandon J. Noel, a successful businessman, by day. Over the years, he has grown older and more mature through experiencing success as both an entrepreneur and as a DJ. With his successes, and his frequent travels, he has developed a strong affinity for the finer things in life such as fresh sushi, fine art, well­-aged champagne and most of all tequila. In 2015 DJ NOEL 2033 was the first DJ in the city of San Diego to ever market themselves using a billboard. The campaign lasted for 2 months which reached up to 70,000 impressions a week.

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He is GREAT at catering the music to fit the needs of your event or venue! He is the BEST at preparing and performing for the crowd he is in front of. Don’t be afraid to let us know what environment you want to create, and the energy level you desire. There is no DJ better at putting it all together.­­­­ He likes to call this style of play Southern California Gumbo.


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